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Brands Lead to Miracles.

Good branding, an inevitable method to increase commodity value.
From the year of 2010, we've been studying the branding market of China. After years of hard working, we have got our own knowledge and know-how on how to implement branding, designing, development and operation in China, and be capable to provide full services, from initial planning till the end sales support.

We worship innovations and visions on brand design, we admire active mindset, and adhere to the pioneering trend ahead of the times.

We love the veteran brand design style, with simplicity, maturity and popularization.
We love the unique brand design style too, with bravery, fun and power.

We are influenced by Oriental culture, we also understand Western aesthetics so well.
We are obsessed with classical arts, we also admire modern pop so much.

From the very beginning, we do believe that the genuine grand beauty is the common language of human races, and it will surely go across countries, regions and races, straight into hearts, evoke emotions and make people joyful, or, touched, deep from their minds.

That’s why "Oriental Emotion, Western Fascination" and "Classic Inspiration, Modern Expression" are always our unchanged directions.

With robust operation system and rigorous attitude, we're able to integrate feasibility and creativity, no matter on brand design, graphic design, advertisement design, space design, or product design.

Independent partnership mechanism has been utilized, more opportunities are given to students of design colleges/institutes and young designers, it's the reason we receive respects among designers of younger generation.

We provide wide range of services, include: commodity planning, design management, design consultancy, design trusteeship, buyer integration, market position planning, new brand planning and new product incubation counseling.

Overseas project customers of us are from: US, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

Chinese project customers of us include: SOHU UAV Photography Contest; China Xiamen International Stone Fair; China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair; China Xiamen International tea Industry Fair, Xiamen Air, etc.